Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back to religion

Religion, as we understand the term, has badly taken a two thousand year detour.  So badly that we have lost its real essence.  In practise, there shouldn't be any religious laws or rules to adhere to; but yet that is what people have developed out of it.  We should be free to choose what to believe, to be critical of one another; but yet in some religions we are punished or cause upset and distress.  Religion is supposed to centre itself upon knowing God; yet its history has shown how the human has abused it for political, social and economical purposes.

Religion has monumentally gone wrong.

To get it back on track we need to re-live our ancestral past - to come back to the feeling of being awe inspired.  We should leave our big cities, towns, and generally the materialistic world for a moment.  Search for a quiet secluded spot in the woods or in the countryside away from people, just you and nature.  Before darkness sets in, light a fire.  When night eventually falls, and nothing but the sound of cracking fire wood can be heard, look up and stare at the stars.  Penetrate its beauty, be at awed in its existential mystery.  How high can you look?  how far can you see?  Follow your feelings and let the mystery carry you away from this world.  The question of God's existence, indeed all questions, become meaningless now.  It is just you and her.  Nothing but empty space between you both, only your imagination provides you with an eerie understanding of the totality of the Universe.  Alone under the stars, alone in nature, the sadness of life and its struggle, its punishment and rewards, its victors and losers; all these bring an element of unusual happiness.  With nothing to own, nothing to proclaim, no one to prove a point to; nothing to worry about.  Alas, embrace the moment, embrace this sword that kills you, yet is also the provider of life.  Use it carefully and do not neglect it; for it will be used again, for another, when you are gone.  A blip, that is what life is.  A blip that manages to break free from its surroundings of void; in a blink is gone.  A small shallow blip as meaningful as a cold narrow stream deeply embedded in a lush green forest, hidden away from all of natures eyes, covered by weeds and moss.   A stream surrounded by many, but yet remains upsettingly undiscovered and unknown.  The children run around and play in the field, the adults talk their business and life's quibbles, yet the stream trickles gently  away through the woods.  And when the day is done, when earth turns her shoulder away from the sun, the stream silently cries alone.

Welcome to the truest form of religious belief you will ever meet.

© 2011 Roberto Nacci All Rights Reserved

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